I took  an Innova Safari to Australia this past  winter, and I have to report - I love it! 

It does everything beautifully - tracks like a sea kayak with the skeg on calm water, and is very manueverable in white water and surf.  With its air seat and and foot brace, it has good back support and is very comfortable.  The self bailing ports work well, as do the thigh straps for rough water.  And from personal experience,  I can report that surfers bounce off it!  It took me only fifteen minutes from bag to boat, using a foot pump.

 I  took the little ones down the river.  They loved it too! 









Heading out to play in the waves with the windsurfer and kite boarder dudes at Merimbula, NSW, Australia


 My friend Pete and his two boys, Ben and Ryan, out for a relaxing paddle


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